Exclusive Offer for customers and subscribers of David Henry Only

The service

Massively boost conversions and engagement using SMS automation, build targeted lists on complete autopilot, Provide Upsell Offers, Support Services, Reward Clubs, text enable Landlines and much more using our Advanced, SMS 2-way Proprietary Technology

This is a complete service that can be used by online and offline marketers, the way we build our lists, build engagement and sales is about to change and you have a massive opportunity to get ahead of the curve and get first mover advantage

The offer

We have discounted the offer to $24.50 and this price is valid for 4 hours, after that the price increases with every sale

At the end of the launch offer, the price will become a monthly fee like our other SMS services, so this is an outstanding opportunity to lock in some big savings

Exclusive Bonus 1

Purchase the Advanced license during the early bird offer and you will see this offer which can be added to your order in the Warriorplus check out

This is a buy one get one free offer for sending credits up to $100, the cost of this upgrade is $17 but its yours for free

So don’t buy it by accident!

You can use the credits for your own campaigns, give them away to customers or sell them to make a quick profit which will more than pay for the service!

The advanced license includes up to 5 client accounts and 2000 contacts, if you think this is enough you don’t need the Enterprise upgrade, if you think after you have seen the demos and seen the sheer power of using SMS text messages the upgrade makes sense, I am going to give you the bonuses below which are genuinely worth 4 times the cost of the upgrade

Exclusive Bonus 2

Purchase the Unlimited Enterprise License (Highly Recommended) and Get all 6 of these current products genuinely worth at least 4 times the cost of the upgrade PLUS THE FREE CREDITS

To get claim either offer, please send your email used to make the purchase to support@smsbotsify.com or reply to my email and we will send you the download access within 24 hours