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The way you build your lists will never be the same

Get 98% of your messages opened in 3 minutes (Brand New Service)

Advanced 2-way SMS Chat Bot technology Launches Tomorrow


We all need leads to make sales but getting your messages opened is getting harder and harder

With spam at an all time high, the major ISPs like Google are making it more and more difficult to get past the spam filters so what’s the answer

There is new service launching tomorrow that uses advanced, 2-way SMS chat bot technology to create leads and convert the leads into red hot enquires using SMS automation

You really need to see the demos of the app in action to get a real feel for how this technology can really put you on the next level

Its copy and paste simple and you can create unlimited chat bot lead flows in minutes

SMS is the biggest message service in the world and is used by everyone, unlike other social media messenger apps and the first thing we all do when we hear the message ping is open our phone and read the message and this is what makes this service so exciting

Look out for email tomorrow, this is so much more than lead generation, you will see how you can easily

 Create complete SMS support desks

Text enables landlines for US businesses

Provide VIP Rewards Clubs

Use live chat to close unlimited enquiries in real time

And much more

The service Includes a full client portal to provide professional services to local businesses and unlike other services that claim to provide SMS services only to find you need to create an account in Twilio and connect complicated APIs

This service requires no 3rd party integrations, and you can be up and running in minutes

Using SMS in promotions is not new and the major brands all use SMS because its incredibly effective and costs a few cents per campaign

But up to now, no service or platform has been designed for online or offline marketers to use but with launch of SMSBotsify this all changes

You have an incredible opportunity to get first mover advantage and establish SMS in your business

Imagine sending a quick offer alert to 5000 contacts and getting 4900 open and read within 3 minutes and this is the power of using SMS text messages

I am super excited to get started and I hope you are too

Look out for my email tomorrow and I will provide a link to get in at the special launch offer price and this gets my highest recommendation