If your Customers and Subscribers are GETTING FED UP with endless GPT Powered  Promotions... 

STRAP IN for an Opportunity that provides your Customers with a First to Market Service Guaranteed to get Outstanding Results and Provide you with the HIGHEST EPCs you may have ever seen!

Hi Its David Henry

Join me on the 29th of March for our BIGGEST SMS LAUNCH TODATE, we have created a complete platform, built using advanced 2 way SMS chat bot technology that anyone selling anything either online or offline CAN USE IN MINUTES to get outstanding results 


The way we build our lists, make sales and engage with our customers is about to change forever and you have an amazing opportunity to bring your customers something brand new that produces outstanding results 

Dont miss this opportunity to GET FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE for you,  your customers and subscribers with an outstanding service PROVEN TO DELIVER

Why Promote this Launch

We have been providing email marketing software services and tools since 2017, we launched our first SMS platform in 2020 so its fair to say we know a bit about email and SMS marketing platforms

Unlike many lifetime access offers for software that doesnt really work as it says on the tin and then disappear's after the refund period expires...

We support all our services for the long term and our annual renewable plans ensure we can provide the latest system updates, upgrades and premium support so your customers get every chance of seeing results and you can look forward to annual commissions for years to come

Our latest SMS launch, SMSBotsify has been in development for over 12 months and delivers a totally unique service simply not available in the market

We believe in stacking as much genuine value in our funnels as possible and only include highly relevant, discounted offers

Our previous launch, Restaurant Connect achieved insane conversions and EPCs and we are using the same funnel for this launch so you can look forward to genuine double digit EPCs

 You have an amazing opportunity to present something new to your customers that will change the way they generate leads, build engagement and make more sales and we have made it copy and paste simple to use as you can see in the demo video below

$1000 in Affiliate CASH PRIZES

Main Contest

Starts 29th March 10am EST Closes 3rd April 10am EST

Minimum 10 Front End Sales to qualify for any prize

Individuals Only

Must earn more in commissions than the prize to qualify, if not you will earn the next prize down

Prizes paid out within 24 hours of launch close

Day 1 Price Schedule

10am Launch Offer - $24.50 - Price held for 6 hours

4pm Dime sale to $27

Price held for 18 hours

1st Prize  $500

2nd Prize $250

3rd Prize $125

4th Prize $75

5th Prize $50

The Service 

First to market SMS text message platform built using advanced 2-way chat bot automation will massively boost conversions and engagement, build targeted lists on complete autopilot, Provide Upsell Offers, Support Services, Reward Clubs, text enable Landlines and much more

The way you and your customers build your lists, engage with your customers and make sales will never be the same again and you have an amazing opportunity to provide your customers with a first mover advantage and a massive 90% discount during this limited time sale

Unlike other services that seem to include SMS text message marketing services only to find the service is provided by a 3rd party like Twilio without any real 2-way message features, our service provides all of the features you can see on this page directly in the app with no 3rd party integrations required

The service includes the allocation of a unique sender number to each new customer, and we provide comprehensive user guides so anyone regardless of experience can hit the ground running generating leads, making sales and massively building real engagement

Providing professional services couldn’t be easier and we include a complete client portal to enable anyone to provide professional services directly from within the app to earn a full-time income working part-time hours

Check out the demo videos to see an example of how we capture a cold lead and turn it into a hot enquiry using SMS 2-way automation and this is only 1 of many exclusive features included in this service today

Chat Bot Flow Demo

Check Out the demos below where we create a Complete chat bot flow in less than 2 minutes and convert a cold enquiry to a hot lead using 2 way chat  bot automation and live chat

This service can be used by anyone regardless of technical knowledge or experience and the client portal provides the platform to provide professional services to make a full-time income working part time hours

But this is not even scratching the surface of what can be achieved using our Advanced new 2-way SMS technology!

  • Generate confirmed leads from cold contacts
  • Send 1-way alerts and reminders to existing customers  
  • Create regular autoresponder messages and send to existing contacts
  • Send targeted offers to existing customers using 2 way keyword campaigns
  • Create automated upsell offers to generate additional revenue

Sell Professional Services to Local businesses

Service includes a complete client portal to provide professional services directly from the app with no 3rd party integrations

  • Create and manage VIP Rewards Clubs
  • Provide automated support and customer service chat bots
  • Text enable landlines
  • Create client prospecting demo funnels to automatically convert local business owners
  • Use live chat to boost client conversions 

Why SMS Text Messages

We all send and receive text messages multiple times each day

The first thing we all do when we hear the phone pinging with a message is open the message and read it

Conversions are off the scale with 98% open within 3 minutes

It outperforms Facebook messenger, Instagram, Whats App  and any other messenger platform you can think about by at least 5 to 1 and you can send and receive messages without being logged in to any accounts

Comprehensive features included as standard

Send 2 Way Bulk SMS

Send 1000s of 2-way SMS text messages using targeted keywords and list automation

Unique SMS Numbers

Unique SMS numbers provided to send 2 way messages for unique campaign branding

Autoresponder messages

Setup recurring messages using templates based on sending hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly

Keyword Campaigns

Create targeted 2-way automated campaigns to capture leads and delivery links

No 3rd Party Connections

We provide a complete platform with no complicated 3rd party integrations required

SMS Enabled Landlines

Add a 2-way SMS text message service to existing US/Canadian landlines 

Import/Export Contacts

Import unlimited contacts to unlimited phone book contact lists, export to email contacts

Client Groups

Create unlimited groups based on location or niche and send unlimited bulk campaigns

Chat Bot Flows

Create powerful automated chat bot flows using pre-configured flows 

Live Chat

Take over any incoming messages in real time and send and receive replies 

Pay as you Go Credits

Buy SMS credits inside the app which are added to your account and do not expire

Bespoke Templates

Create unlimited templates to use for bulk and autoresponder campaigns

Delivery Reports

Access reports on every message sent and received to check the success 

Campaign Reports

Provide detailed stats on the number of messages sent and delivered for each campaign

Invoice module

System automatically creates invoices for each purchase of credits available to save

Full Support Desk

Access our support desk 24/7 directly inside the app or via our members area

Get ready for Insane conversions and EPCs with our PROVEN TO CONVERT HIGHLY CONGRUENT FUNNEL!

We value your hard-earned traffic and want to make sure you earn the maximum commissions for your efforts

No fluff or filler offers in the funnel that are not relevant to the front end offer because we all know this is why some launches bomb on EPCs even though they might sell thousands of copies which is not the best result for you

You can see details of each of our funnel offers below and this exact funnel was used to achieve 86% Conversions and $32 EPCs on our Restaurant Connect Launch

Advanced License – Up to 5 Client Accounts

$27 – 50% Commission

Includes a fully featured SMS text message marketing platform, Branded VIP Club and unlimited access to a wealth of done for you marketing resources for up to 5 client accounts

This is the entry level app which can create a great part-time income but because this service works like gangbusters and requires very little “work” once the system is set up the upgrade to the Enterprise License is highly recommended during this launch offer pricing and a great angle for your promo

OTO1 Enterprise License – Unlimited Accounts

$47 – 50% Commission

This system sells and more importantly produces results for businesses month after month so once your customer has 5 clients, they are most likely going to stick around for the long run and why wouldnt they if they are seeing great results

This upgrade is essential to provide unlimited clients, even adding 5 more clients to the 5 allowed in the advanced license can result in additional monthly income of $1500 - $2000 for an additional investment of just $47

OTO2 Inboxingpro Enterprise X – Unlimited Clients

$47 – 50% Commission

Our flagship autoresponder app, Enterprise X  provides cross channel marketing at its best

Seamless Integration, combines our email autoresponder with the SMS platform and adds contacts from the chat bot to the email list and to a phone book from our email lead forms.

Use the chat bots to generate leads and follow up with automated email campaigns, highly recommended for the action takers to quickly get to the next level

Add in to the mix, the offer is over 50% less than our normal cost and this converts like gangbusters


OTO 3 Agency License reseller 50

$297 – 30% Commission

This takes the local marketer to another level and adds a fantastic additional revenue opportunity

With this license your customers can issue up to 50 of their clients with their own app access and make 100% profit of the license fee

Additionally, the reseller can make profits from selling credits directly because we have removed the buy credits link from the navigation for the reseller client accounts

A very easy way to generate monthly recurring income with very little actual work required once set up

OTO 4 12 Months Specialist email Hosting

$147 - 30% Commission

We provide a unique offer that provides unlimited website hosting on super-fast servers, a dedicated IP and full cPanel access

This is a very clever way to provide lower cost hosting using our own platform to get outstanding email delivery using a dedicated IP and full cPanel access

This unique hosting package is designed to ensure your customers sending reputation is protected and improved and will save them hundreds of dollars each year and provide improved email delivery

OTO 5 VIP Club 6 Pack

$17 – 50% Commission

Great opportunity for your local marketers to get 6 more "done for you" VIP Club Resources and include printed template and social media banners in the popular local business types

  • Chiropractor
  • Florist
  • Hair Salon
  • Hotel
  • Pet Supplies
  • Takeaway food

OTO 6 BOGOF 100 Credit Offer

$17 – 50% Commission

Extend the Buy One Get One Free launch bonus with a no brainer offer.

Your customers can get an additional free bonus up to $100 when they purchase additional sending credits.

Credits can be used directly, given away, sold to clients at whatever price your customers decide or used in free 7-day trials to secure long term clients and a great closing offer that really boosts conversions with a spend $17 and get $100 credits added to your account for free 

Did you ever see so much Genuine Value

Our Current SMS services, Restaurant Connect, VIP Clubs Pro and Landline2SMS sell for $27 per month, during this limited time launch your customers can get 12 months access from just $27 for the Advanced License

Even if they only spend 5 minutes to create 1 chat bot flow and post the keyword on social media, they cant fail to generate loads of real leads and turn them into red hot enquires that will produce sales, imagine what can be achieved if they actually used the service to its full potential

Don’t miss this opportunity to present this service to your customers, it’s not often these days you can find an offer that is proven to convert like gangbusters and work exactly like it says on the tin so request your link now and get ready for the biggest promotion of the year

Get in Touch:

Email: david@smsbotsify.com

Skype: david.henry1733

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